Sordid Lies

Hard-hitting, Smooth-talking, Filth-invoking, Sleaze Metal

Inspired by bands such as Jettblack, Reckless Love, Crashdiet, Def Leppard, The Last Vegas and Mr Big, it is guaranteed that the unwitting public will spend the night dancing, drinking, and rocking out in the care-free style of “happy-go-lucky” sleaze.

Combining jaw-dropping Solos from Dr Lixx with the hip shaking Bass and loin-quivering Rhythm of Captain Cliché, backed up with the heart-pumping Drums of Dani Stix, and topped off with some downright moistening Vocals of Valen Vain, the night is certain
to be one that leaves dancers aching, voices hoarse and the mood in a state of indecent arousal.

After over a year of grafting, crafting, butchering and revamping, 2014 saw the unruly group known as “Sordid Lies” unleashed on the world.

Party all night!