Chilli Challenge at Sunk Fest 2014!

Our very own Paul ‘Chunk’ Watling hosts another first for Sunk Fest: The Chilli Eating Challenge!

Scoff down a bowl of uber hot, mega spicy chilli made from Sunk Fest’s finest secret recipe* and win some fab prizes and a trophy (not to mention bragging rights)

*Rumour has it that the recipe was passed down to Chunk from Thor himself before time began…all we know is that it is vegetarian friendly, but all┬ácontestants will need to complete a health questionnaire and sign a form stating they understand the side effects of this mighty substance.

Places are limited so if you’re mad enough to want to take part then please leave us a comment here or throw us an email!


1 comment on “Chilli Challenge at Sunk Fest 2014!”
  1. Gaz Peck

    Not only am I planning on taking part, I’m planning on taking that trophy.

    Stand the fuck by Chunk, I haven’t had a dish that could beat me yet.

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